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Volatility Compression Band Indicator

Volatility Compression Breakout – LeafAlgo Pro Strategy

Introduction: The Volatility Compression Breakout strategy identifies periods of reduced volatility followed by potential breakout opportunities in the market. It focuses on capturing price consolidation within a narrow range, signaling decreased volatility, and anticipates subsequent price movement expansions. The strategy is based on a versatile indicator with various band/channel types, trend filters, and advanced features, […]

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Donchian Cloud

Donchian Cloud

LeafAlgo’s Donchian Cloud indicator serves as a powerful ally for traders seeking refined trend analysis, breakout trade opportunities, and advanced support and resistance insights. This multifaceted toolset harnesses a series of 5 Donchian channels, each meticulously configured with upper, lower, and basis lines across various lengths. Its primary function is to discern between ranging and

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LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies

LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies

LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies present a comprehensive suite of seven strategies, each employing weighted signals to formulate a cohesive macro score. This allows for a nuanced approach to long/short positions, catering to diverse trading preferences. Strategy Selection: Base DFMA (Democratic Fibonacci Moving Average): A strategy centered around the DFMA indicator, evaluating trend consensus through crossovers

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LeafAlgo Pro

LeafAlgo Pro

LeafAlgo Pro stands as a premium overlay indicator meticulously designed to provide traders with precise buy and sell signals within a double envelope channel. This sophisticated tool integrates insights from four unique strategies: Oscillator Consensus, Moving Average Consensus, Democratic Fib Consensus, and Ichimoku Cloud Consensus, offering a comprehensive approach to trading decisions. Functionality: Application: LeafAlgo

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