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LeafAlgo Pro stands as a premium overlay indicator meticulously designed to provide traders with precise buy and sell signals within a double envelope channel. This sophisticated tool integrates insights from four unique strategies: Oscillator Consensus, Moving Average Consensus, Democratic Fib Consensus, and Ichimoku Cloud Consensus, offering a comprehensive approach to trading decisions.


  • Oscillator Strategy: Engages indicators such as CMO, DPO, Momentum, ROC, RSI, TSI, and Volume Oscillator, each assigned weighted values to generate an oscillating range of 0 to 100 for robust trading insights.
  • Moving Average Strategy: Empowers users to select among 11 moving averages (EMA, DEMA, TEMA, SMA, RMA, VWMA, WMA, SMMA, Hull MA) for producing weighted signals contributing significantly to the overall consensus.
  • DFMA Strategy: Derives from a spectrum of Fibonacci SMA lengths, averaging 10 Fibonacci MA lengths to construct the DFMA line, an influential component within the consensus framework.
  • Ichimoku Strategy: Focuses on specific conditions like Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen, Senkou-span A and B, and Chikou-span, each contributing significantly to the overall consensus.

Application: LeafAlgo Pro presents a diverse range of applications:

Precise Buy/Sell Signals: Generates meticulous signals based on consensus strategies and threshold breaches within the oscillator’s 0-100 range, with other filters, guiding traders’ decisions.

Dynamic Bar Coloring: Illustrates consensus strength visually through dynamic bar coloring, providing a clear understanding of prevailing market sentiment.

Regression Channels: Utilizes quadratic or Gaussian regression lines to forecast potential trends and price movements, assisting in predictive analysis and trend analysis for informed trading decisions.

Limitations: While LeafAlgo Pro stands as a powerful trading tool, it’s prudent to couple its signals with additional technical analysis methods due to market volatility. Relying solely on generated signals may not account for all market conditions.

Empower your trading decisions with LeafAlgo Pro’s sophisticated features and comprehensive strategies. Take your trading to the next level! Visit our pricing page to unlock the full potential of LeafAlgo Pro and our other comprehensive indicators and strategies, and make informed trading decisions with confidence.

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