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LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies

LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies

LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies present a comprehensive suite of seven strategies, each employing weighted signals to formulate a cohesive macro score. This allows for a nuanced approach to long/short positions, catering to diverse trading preferences.

Strategy Selection:

  • Base DFMA (Democratic Fibonacci Moving Average): A strategy centered around the DFMA indicator, evaluating trend consensus through crossovers and thresholds involving 10 Fibonacci MAs, complemented by signals from DPO, CMO, Jurik Volatility Bands, and Stoch RSI.
  • Base DFMG (Democratic Fibonacci McGinley Dynamics): Utilizing 10 Fibonacci McGinley Dynamic lines to gauge trend consensus, emphasizing crossovers with various Fib MG lengths, and considering signals from DPO, CMO, Jurik Volatility Bands, and Stoch RSI.
  • Ichimoku: Built on vital Ichimoku Cloud components, this strategy assesses trends through Kijun-sen, Tenkan-sen, Senkou Span A and B, Chikou-span, and insights from the Donchian Cloud Score.
  • TSI (True Strength Index): Prioritizing signals from the True Strength Index, analyzing trends via TSI crossovers, thresholds, and interplays with CMO, DPO, Jurik Volatility Bands, and Stoch RSI.
  • Donchian DFMA: Blending DFMA and Donchian Cloud Score, emphasizing DFMA crossovers with various Fib MA lengths, accompanied by signals from DPO, CMO, Jurik Volatility Bands, and Stoch RSI.
  • Donchian DFMG: Similar to Donchian DFMA, this strategy integrates DFMG with Donchian Cloud Score, focusing on DFMG crossovers, signals, and Fib MG lengths.
  • Triple Quadratic Regression: Leveraging three quadratic regression lines to evaluate trends through source crossovers, Ax^2 values, and insights from the Donchian Cloud Score for a comprehensive trend analysis.


On-Chart Value Table: LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies offer an on-chart value table, providing real-time insights into key metrics and indicators. This intuitive table allows for easy monitoring and analysis directly on your trading chart, enhancing convenience and decision-making.LeafAlgo Premium Macro Dynamic Table

TradingView Backtesting Capabilities: Leverage the robust dep backtesting capabilities integrated within TradingView to rigorously test and refine your trading strategies. Utilize historical market data to validate strategy performance, allowing for informed adjustments and optimization.LeafAlgo Premium Macro Backtesting

Integrated Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit: Enjoy comprehensive risk management with LeafAlgo’s integrated trailing stop loss and take profit functionalities. Tailor your strategies with multiple options for stop loss and take profit, empowering you to manage risk efficiently and align with your trading goals.


  • Signal Generation: LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies offer robust signal generation, utilizing a diverse range of indicators and analyses to provide nuanced insights into market trends. Each strategy is engineered to generate precise signals based on a comprehensive evaluation of trend indicators, crossovers, and threshold analyses, empowering traders with actionable insights.
  • Full Automation: In addition to signal generation, these strategies provide a pathway to full automation. Through the integration of compatible trading platforms or tools like Profitview, traders can automate the execution of strategies. This automation streamlines the process by translating generated signals into actionable trades, enhancing efficiency and enabling a systematic approach to trading.


While LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies offer advanced signal generation and automation capabilities, it’s essential to acknowledge the general limitations of automatable strategies. These include:

  • Market Volatility: Automated strategies may encounter challenges during periods of extreme volatility, potentially leading to unexpected outcomes or increased risk.
  • Technical Errors: Automation relies on technical infrastructure, susceptible to errors or disruptions, which can affect trade execution or strategy performance.
  • Adaptability: Automated strategies might struggle to adapt swiftly to rapid market shifts or unexpected events, potentially impacting performance in dynamic market conditions.

Understanding these general limitations is crucial when utilizing automated strategies, necessitating ongoing monitoring and adaptation to mitigate potential risks.

LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies stand as a comprehensive suite of sophisticated tools, offering intricate analysis and automation potential. Designed to empower traders with nuanced insights and the potential for automated execution, these strategies serve as a robust resource in navigating the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

Ready to elevate your trading experience? Explore the power of LeafAlgo Premium Macro Strategies today. Gain access to precise market signals and the potential for automated trading, enhancing your trading efficiency and strategy execution. Start optimizing your trading decisions and unlocking new possibilities in the financial markets.

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