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LeafAlgo Brings Cutting Edge Trading Strategies and Indicators to Today's Market

Let’s face it, the market is continuously changing and considerably
dynamic. LeafAlgo believes in constant improvement
with a tireless ambition to keep up with those changes. We find ways of improving our indicators and developing new ones for our
portfolio. LeafAlgo listens to our community of traders and acts upon their needs. This philosophy makes LeafAlgo a dynamic part of each trader’s journey as they grow alongside us.

Our Story

Helping the World Trade Smarter

With education being their foundation, Ben and Tyler set out to make indicators that expand the knowledge of everyday traders while also making sense of the noisiness that is today’s market. With countless hours of indicator study and 15 years of combined trading experience, they grew their portfolio of indicators and strategies. Today LeafAlgo offers 47 unique indicators and trading algorithms. Though their work is never complete, they live and breathe Pine Script daily. Ben and Tyler continue to expand and improve their work with one singular goal. To make indicators for traders that educate the individual and help their knowledge grow. With a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on approach, they continue to support individuals in cultivating the insight it takes to be a successful trader.

Meet the Founders

Tyler Hubbard


Tyler is a certified cryptocurrency investor and blockchain expert with a focus on decentralized finance (DeFi). He has spent multiple years trading investing in, and researching cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as developing coding knowledge in Python, Solidity, and Pine Script. After years of trading manually, he was determined to learn how to automate the process. This has led him to the development of several strategies designed to be used in an algorithmic manner. Additionally, he aims to produce new trading tools to aid others in developing better trading systems and giving them a leg-up on the ever-changing markets, regardless
of asset class.


Ben is a certified cryptocurrency trader focusing on technical analysis and ,fundamentals. He excels in understanding indicators and how to formulate strategies around them. He is proficient with the intricacies of multiple chart types, including traditional candlestick, Heiken Ashi, and Renko charts. Ben believes that anyone can become an adept trader with the correct guidance. With that as a core principle, Ben strives to bring forward new and innovative ideas that better assist traders in their journey to success.

Our Mission

LeafAlgo works tirelessly to help create the path for everyone to cultivate their success. We intend to help traders of all degrees of experience grow and thrive through community, education, and the advanced indicators we have built. LeafAlgo commits daily to continuous improvement and the betterment of our community members.

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