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Volatility Compression Breakout – LeafAlgo Pro Strategy

LeafAlgo Volatility Compression Breakout Strategy


The Volatility Compression Breakout strategy identifies periods of reduced volatility followed by potential breakout opportunities in the market. It focuses on capturing price consolidation within a narrow range, signaling decreased volatility, and anticipates subsequent price movement expansions. The strategy is based on a versatile indicator with various band/channel types, trend filters, and advanced features, aiming to provide extensive flexibility and comprehensive breakout trading capabilities.


The strategy involves six band/channel types and five trend filters, totaling to 30 combinations. It employs Adaptive Gaussian MA, Bollinger Bands, Smoothed Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channels, Quadratic Regression Channel, and Volatility-Based Mean Reversion Bands as band/channel types, along with EMA, SMA, Weighted MA, McGinley Dynamic, and Adaptive Gaussian MA as trend filters. Each combination offers unique visualizations and analytical insights into potential breakout scenarios.


Long/Short Entry Signals Calculation:

The strategy generates long entry signals upon an upward breakout, confirmed by specific conditions involving high, close prices, and trend filter lines. Conversely, short entry signals are triggered by a downward breakout, guided by low, close prices, and trend filter line conditions. The strategy’s entry signals are determined by a confirmed barstate, ensuring precision in execution.


The coloration scheme visually represents market sentiments and trends. Lime green signifies a potential bullish market sentiment, yellow indicates a neutral or indecisive market condition, and fuchsia denotes a potential bearish market sentiment. Moreover, colorations on lines and fills between bands provide additional cues for trend assessments.

LeafAlgo VCB Strategy

Parameter Optimization:

Adapting parameters allows customization according to varying market conditions and trading preferences. Altering compression periods, multipliers, trend filter types, and Moving Average (MA) periods enables traders to fine-tune the strategy. Adjustments impact breakout thresholds, signal sensitivity, and trend smoothness, catering to different trading styles and goals.

Take Profit/Stop Loss Settings:

The strategy includes options for setting take profit, stop loss, and trailing percentages, offering risk management capabilities. These levels are represented as green (take profit) and red (stop loss) lines on the chart, enhancing trade execution visibility and risk assessment. Traders can choose between ATR-based or percentage-based trailing stop options.

VCB Take Profit Settings
VCB Stop Loss settings

Profitview/Pineconnector Settings:

For users leveraging Profitview’s automation system, the strategy facilitates settings adjustment for seamless integration. Customizing open long/short titles, close long/short titles, and utilizing alerts ensures alignment with Profitview’s automation functionalities, streamlining the trading process.

The Volatility Compression Breakout Strategy is a versatile tool designed to identify low volatility periods followed by potential market breakouts. Offering multiple band/channel types, trend filters, and advanced features, this strategy provides comprehensive flexibility for breakout trading.

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