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LeafAlgo Price Delta Heatmap

Price Delta Heatmap

The Price Delta Heatmap is an indicator designed to visualize the price changes of an asset over time. It helps traders identify and analyze significant price movements and potential volatility. The Price Delta Heatmap calculates the price delta, which is the difference between the current close price and the previous close price. It then categorizes

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LeafAlgo ATR Delta

ATR Delta Indicator

The ATR Delta indicator is based on the concept of Average True Range (ATR), which reflects the average price range over a specified period. By calculating the difference between current and previous ATR values, the ATR Delta provides valuable insights into volatility shifts in the market. This information can help traders identify periods of heightened

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Multi-Band Breakout Indicator

Multi-Band Breakout Indicator

The Multi-Band Breakout Indicator was created to help identify potential breakout opportunities in the market. It combines multiple bands (ATR-Based and Donchian) and moving averages to provide valuable insights into the underlying trend and potential breakouts. By understanding the calculations, interpretation, parameter adjustments, potential applications, and limitations of the indicator, traders can effectively incorporate it

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LeafAlgo Volume Delta Candles

Volume Delta Candles

The Volume Delta Candles indicator is designed to visualize the volume delta, which represents the difference between buying and selling volumes during each candle period. The indicator plots custom candlesticks on the chart, with OHLC values calculated based on the volume delta. Calculations:To calculate the volume delta, the indicator first determines the buying and selling

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LeafAlgo Candle Color Ratio

Candle Color Ratio

The Candle Color Ratio indicator is designed to analyze the ratio of green (bullish) to red (bearish) candles over a specified lookback period. This ratio can offer insights into the prevailing market sentiment and potential trend reversals. The indicator calculates the number of green and red candles and provides two key metrics: the Green to

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